Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Love You This Much!

After spending a few hours un-picking several rows of quilting stitches (31 to be exact), this little quilt is finally done!
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 I originally quilted it with horizontal lines from the bottom  all the way up to the bottom of the heart. But somehow that didn't work out.  I think I hadn't pinned it properly.  

The second time around, I decided to stick to my tried and true crosshatch quilting lines. I'm always pleased with the results I get with this design.  Neat and simple with a lovely texture. The lines are spaced 2 1/2 inches a part.  

I carried the red I used for the heart to the back. I think it's a really nice contrast to the front. The binding is a Michael Miller polka dot. I love polka dots! I think they always look cheerful and playful. 
The stacked 'boxes' are also polka dotted.
Picking a name for this one was easy:

"I Love You This Much" is equally suitable for a boy or girl. 

I've listed it on my Etsy Shop (here).


  1. Totally adorable! Love the binding too :)

  2. Wow- what a lot of work to unpick the quilting and then quilt it again. I've done that once with a quilt and I know how it feels when you get it finished and it looks "right" Congrats!

  3. Beautiful! I hate unpicking, but your result made it worth it!

  4. I was wondering what you were unpicking! It is beautiful Cinzia!

  5. Beautiful quilt! I enjoyed reading the post about how it came to be. I love the backing and binding as well!

  6. Great end to a lot of extra work. It's beautiful!!

  7. I love it! Great choice of binding. I thought it was your pink squares on your wall that you were unpicking (http://deuxpetitessouris.blogspot.ca/2012/09/on-my-wall.html). I was surprised by how fast you were to assemble the quilt top. I can't wait to see this quilt top too. Great work!